Position 1:Associate Dean for academic affairs  

Position description: Full-time        

Number of Vacancies: 1  

Duties: Reporting to the Dean of Red River International College, the Associate Dean oversees day-to-day teaching management to ensure normal teaching order; provides direction in discipline construction in joint programs; provides leadership in course construction and development by completing the professional teaching documents and data; assists with recruitment of instructors and orientation training; leads teaching and scientific researches amongst the faculty; participates in the joint programs development and negotiation; oversees the overall success of the college measured by the students, teachers and industry satisfaction.  

Academic Qualifications:          

1. Capable of teaching academic courses in English;        

2. Doctor degree obtained from university outside of China ;  

3. Applicants obtained master degree from university outside of China are expected to have the following experience as the executive dean of a college or university or, as the principal of a secondary college with experience developing and managing international education programs or, with experience in developing and practicing high level teaching projects or, with an engineering background in thermo-dynamic power generation or electronic power field or, experience with high level academic research, published high level academic paper as the first author or academic works out of China in the engineering field.        

Professional and Personal Qualifications:  

1. Abides by the Constitution and Laws of People’s Republic of China, the academic standards and the rules and regulations of SIE; has passion for educational career and students; maintains the college reputation;        

2. Has a minimum of 3 years management experience at college or university level outside of                China         ;        

3. Has a clear understanding about the process of talent cultivation; is familiar with the principles of college and university education; is qualified to develop international education programs and to manage teaching and training instructors;        

4. Is under the age of 60 and in good mental and physical health;        

Employment Period:One year with option of renewal        

Remuneration Package:          

1. Monthly salary starts at $6000 US and up (pre-tax, paid in RMB with the exchange rate during the month), and will be tailored according to the applicant’s qualifications, working experience;        

2. Round trip of international travel expenses (No more than 12,000 RMB total) for one-year contract;    

3. Free apartment with necessary furniture and household appliances; free laundry service; free internet access; free workday lunch;        

4. Four-weeks paid vacation per year;        

5. Free Chinese language classes, 30 hours / semester.