Position 2Associate Director of Language Training Centre  

Position description: Full-time  

Number of Vacancies:1  

Duties: The Associate Director reports to the Director of Language Training Center (LTC); oversees day-to-day teaching management to ensure normal teaching order; provides direction in language course construction and the teacher evaluation program; completes the pertinent administration documents and data; assists with recruitment of instructors and orientation training; leads teaching and scientific researches amongst the faculty; supervises teaching quality assurance of LTC; provides leadership in continuous improvement of the reputation and the overall success of LTC.  


Academic Qualifications:          

1. Master degree or higher;        

2. ESL/TESOL/TEFL certificate;        

Professional and Personal Qualifications:          

1. Abides by the Constitution and Laws of People’s Republic of China, the academic standards and the rules and regulations of SIE; has passion for educational career and students; maintains the college reputation;        

2. Is an native citizen of the                United States         ,                Britain         ,                Canada         ,                Australia         or                New Zealand         ;        

3. Has a minimum of 5 years experience of language teaching at the college or university level; experience of teacher management in language training center; experience in developing program, managing teaching affairs and training instructors;        

4. Is under the age of 60 and in good mental and physical health;        


Employment Period: One year with option of renewal  

Remuneration Package:  

1. Monthly salary starts at $4000 US and up (pre-tax, paid in RMB with the exchange rate during the month), and will be tailored according to the applicant’s qualifications, working experience;        

2. Round trip of international travel expenses (No more than 12,000 RMB total) for one-year and above contract;        

3. Free apartment with necessary furniture and household appliances; free laundry service; free internet access; free workday lunch;        

4. Four-weeks paid vacation per year;        

5. Free Chinese language classes, 30 hours / semester.