Position 3: Full time Instructors  

3.1: English Language Instructor              

Number of Vacancies: 21  


1. Abides by the Constitution and Laws of People’s Republic of China, the academic standards and the rules and regulations of SIE; has passion for educational career and students; maintains the college reputation;          

2. Is a native citizen of the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand with a bachelor degree or higher and ESL/T                   ESOL         /                   TEF         L certificates, or a Chinese citizen with a doctoral degree with experience of studying in English-speaking countries;            

3. Has a minimum of 2 years English teaching experience;          

4. Is under the age of 60 and in good mental and physical health;          

5. Preferred applicants will have experience in language training center management or, developing courses for language training centers or, high level academic research or, developing and managing international teaching programs.          

Employment Period: One year with option of renewal            

Remuneration Package:              

1. Salary and insurance will be determined based on the related recruitment regulations and the applicant’s qualifications and working experience;          

2. Free apartment with necessary furniture and household appliances; free laundry service; free internet access; free workday lunch;            

3. Four-week paid vacation per year;          

4. Free Chinese language classes, 30 hours / semester.