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School of Auto Control Engineering

Program: Electronic Information Engineering
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The program aims to endow students with the fundamental knowledge of electronic technology and information systems and the ability to apply and develop electronic equipment and information systems. Graduates are capable of creating and developing electronic circuits, maintenance of electronic apparatus and information processing.
Main Courses: Electronic Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Circuit, Low-frequency Electronic Circuits, Digital Logic Circuits, High-frequency Electronic Circuits, SCM Theory, Communication Principles, Signal and System, Auto Control Theory, EDA Technology and Digital System Design, DSP Technology, Electronic Measuring Technology, and Digital Signal Processing.

Program: Measurement Control Technology and Apparatus
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: Program Objective and Employment Prospects: Graduates will master the knowledge and techniques of machinery, electricity, computer application, signal analysis, measurement and control, apparatus design, etc. They may engage in the measurement, detection and management of power system and related equipment in the fields of power systems or other areas.
Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Math, Circuit Analysis, Analog and Digital Circuit, Signal and System Analysis, Control Theory, Digital Signal Processing, SCM Theory and Interface Technology, DSP Theory and Application, Sensor Technology, Error Theory and Data Processing, Intelligent Apparatus Principle, Electronic Measurement and Apparatus, Intelligent Detection System, Computer Control Technology, Network Technology, Pattern Recognition, Auto Test System, Embedded Operation System, and Virtual Apparatus.

Program: Automation
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: Program Objective and Employment Prospects: Students engage in the design, operation, experiment, maintenance and research of process control, computer control, electric drive, testing and automatic instrumentation, and information processing in the field of industrial automation. Graduates mainly work in power industries.
Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Fundamental Computer, C Language, College Physics, Complex Variables Function and Integral Transform, Fundamental Electric Circuits, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, Fundamental Motor and Drive, Power Equipment, Fundamental Thermal Engineering, Automatic Control Principles, Microcomputer Principles and Application, Detecting Technology and Apparatus, PLC Principles and Application, Thermal Engineering Process Control System, Computer Control System, etc.


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