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School of Energy and Power Engineering

Program: Wind Power and Power Technology
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The graduates will be employed in wind power technology and services, such as the production, installation, operation and maintenance of wind power generators and wind power stations; the measurement and evaluation of wind energy resources; They will also be employed in the areas of engineering technology and services in wind power generation projects or any other power engineering related fields.
Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Engineering Graphics& CAD, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Pump and Fan, Electric Machinery, Automatic Control Theory, Fundamental Mechanical Design, Wind Turbines Aerodynamics, Wind Power Generation Principle, Wind Farm, Wind Power Generator Design and Manufacturing, Wind Power Generator Detection and Control, Electrical Section of Wind Farms.

Program: Centralized Control Operation of Thermal Power Plants
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The program aims to train technicians who will be able to control and operate large, medium and small scale power units in thermal power plants, and to operate and maintain electrical equipment in power supply companies, rural power supply companies, etc. Graduates will have knowledge and professional skills in central control operations and maintenance with English and computer competence.
Main Courses: Foundation of Applied Mathematics, Fundamental Mechanics, Foreign Languages, Computer Programming Languages, Fundamental Computer, Application of Computer, Computer Control System, Electrotechnics, Electrical Equipment and Systems, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Pump and Fan, Boiler Equipment and Systems, Fundamental Automation, Central Control and Operation, Thermal Automatic Control System.

Program: Thermal Power Equipment of Power Plant
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The program aims to train technicians in the areas of thermal power equipment and system installation, testing, operation, maintenance, engineering design and management, for positions in thermal power plants, heating companies, power plants, gas companies, boiler manufacturing companies and power mechanical manufacturing companies. Graduates will be equipped with sufficient English and computer skills.
Main Courses: English, Applied Math, Computer Programming Languages, Fundamental Computer, Engineering Graphics, CAD, Engineering Mechanics, Metal Material, Electrotechnics, Fundamental Mechanical Design, Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Pump and Fan, Boiler Theory, Turbine Theory, Thermal Power Plant, Thermal instrument and self-regulation, Large-scale Power Unit Operation.


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