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School of Mechanical Engineering

Program: Machinery Manufacturing and Automation
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The program aims to train graduates to master the fundamental knowledge of machinery manufacturing and automation technology, along with the integration of computer application technology. Graduates may be employed in manufacture, design, installation, debugging, operation, management and maintenance of mechanical manufacturing equipment. They may be employed in the sectors of light industry, aviation, textile manufacturing, electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry and involved in the areas of mechanical design and manufacturing, electromechanical equipments’ installation, debugging and maintenance. They may also engage in machinery quality analysis and controlling, as well as specific technical work in product design, technology import, technology innovation and detection measurement.
Main Courses: Advanced Mathematics, English, Engineering Graphics& CAD, Engineering Mechanics, Fundamental Theory of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Technology, Mechanical Design Basis, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission, Fundamental Mechanical Manufacturing, Mechanical Transmission Control, Numerical Control Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing Equipment Design, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Mechanical CAD/CAM, Machine Malfunction Analysis and Maintenance.

Program: Computer Numerical Control Technology
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The program aims to train senior technicians to meet the needs of CNC industries. It is specifically designed to offer comprehensive training in mechanical processes and numerical control technologies. Graduates may work in the fields of numerical control technology and machine tooling such as the manufacturing, debugging, application and development, maintenance and repair, after-sale service.
Main Courses: Computer Programming Languages, Engineering Graphics & CAD, Fundamental Electrical Engineering, Electronic Technology, Fundamental Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacture Technology, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, SCM Theory, Electrical Control of Machine Tool, Processing Techniques of CNC Machine Tool, Numerical Control Machine Tool, Numerical Control Theory and System.


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