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Program: Animation Design and Production
Program Objective and Employment Prospects: The graduates can be trained as digital art design specialists and employed in animation design, radio and television, press and publication, education and research, advertising media, and digital video production companies. Graduates will develop their artistic accomplishments, aesthetic ability, and computer application ability. The graduates will also acquire the theory and technology of animation design, the techniques of modern animation design and production and the ability to plan, produce, and design an art project by using digital media.
Main Courses: Sketch, Coloring, Animation Copywriter, Design Scribe, Fundamental Pattern Design, Photography Technology, Video Technology, Sculpture, Computer Application Foundation, Art Design Overview, Animation Overview, Design Composition, Photoshop Digital Image Processing, 2D Animation Production, 3D Max Animation Design, Animation Breakdown, Film Editing, MAYA Advanced Animation Design, Webpage Art Design, Advertisement Design.

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