International Activities

International activities at ShenyangInstitute of Engineering (SIE) aim at cultivating a global perspective inteaching, research and social services. SIE encourages and coordinatesinternational activities across the entire organization. It elaborates to makeinternational dimension as an essential part of its identity.

Current status:                                          
The international activities can be subdivided

into five categories:

faculty studyingabroad;
studentsinternational exchange;
Internationalinstructors and scholars at SIE;
Internationalcollaboration in research;
Joint educationalinstitutions between SIE and foreign universities

SIE is pursuing the following objectives toestablish the University as a global presence:
Encourage students toinclude study abroad in their educational plans;
Encourage facultymembers to pursue their research, teaching, and service interests within aglobal framework;
Plan curriculum sostudents become familiar with various cultural perspectives, encouraging themto explore subjects in that global framework;
Make available languageand cultural programs of quality, variety and depth, while integrating languageand cultural learning with the rest of that curriculum;
Invite internationalscholars to participate in research at the University and facilitate theirstays;
Engage in programsabroad that further the internationalization of the University’s generalmission; and
Promote integration andcoordination of international resources across the University, whileencouraging their expansion.

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